Top News: Ransomware Attack on Colonial Pipeline, DarkSide Targets Toshiba Unit, and more

Hackers shut down US’ largest fuel pipeline

The Colonial Pipeline in the US was hit by a ransomware attack that forced the company to take down a few of its systems, temporarily halting fuel supply from the pipeline. Operations restarted on late Wednesday, almost five days after the attack. Following the incident, President Biden signed an executive order to better equip federal agencies with cybersecurity tools. Read more about it here.

Peloton is again in controversy, this time for leaking riders’ private data

Just days after Peloton recalled its treadmills due to safety issues, it has been found that the company’s API was leaking riders’ private data. Peloton ignored a vulnerability disclosure from a penetration testing company, due to which it ended up exposing user’s age, gender, city, weight, workout statistics, etc. The leak was made public by TechCrunch journalist Zack Whittaker via this post.

Google Play Store to add privacy labels for apps