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Top News: T-Mobile data breach, Apple's new email privacy update

T-Mobile confirms data breach

Mobile service provider T-Mobile confirmed that a cyberattack on its system exposed the data of more than 40 million individuals, with stolen files including names, birthdays, and social security numbers. The company said it had “immediately closed” the access point in its computer system that it believed was targeted by the cyberattack. Read More

Apple's email privacy update to affect Adtech

Apple’s upcoming Mail Privacy Protection feature will hide data about email open rates across all iOS, Mac, and Apple Watch platforms. Rolled out in its iOS 15 update, the new safeguard will also allow users to withhold IP addresses, location data, and additional data from senders. Read More

China to draft new laws amid tech crackdown

Amid its ongoing crackdown on tech companies, China announced to draft new laws on national security, technology innovation, monopolies, and education. The laws will be developed consistent with new sectors such as the digital economy, internet finance, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing. Read More

noyb files 422 GDPR complaints against deceptive cookie banners

As part of its project to scan, warn, and enforce the GDPR on up to 10,000 websites in Europe, noyb sent a written warning and a draft complaint to more than 500 companies in Spring 2021. Among the violators, 82% of companies failed to make changes in compliance with the GDPR, and noyb filed 422 complaints with ten data protection authorities on August 10, 2021. Read More

Blackberry software flaw could affect cars and medical gadgets

BlackBerry admits to a software flaw in its QNX Real-Time Operating System that could affect 200m cars along with some medical equipment. The software vulnerability might allow attackers to run arbitrary code or overload a server with traffic until it crashes or becomes immobilized. Read More

FTC files renewed antitrust complaint against Facebook

The Federal Trade Commission filed a renewed antitrust complaint against Facebook alleging that the company resorted to an illegal buy-or-bury scheme to maintain its dominance. The complaint states that Facebook unlawfully acquired innovative competitors after repeated failed attempts to develop innovative mobile features for its network. The move may force Facebook to sell Instagram and WhatsApp. Read More

Amazon's palm print recognition raises privacy concerns

Three US senators sent a letter to the new Amazon CEO expressing concerns over the company’s palm print recognition system called Amazon One. The letter asked for more information about how the company scans and stores customer palm prints for use in some of its retail stores. Read More


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