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Top News: Texas sues Google, Microsoft suffers data breach, and more

Texas sues Google over collection of biometric data

The Texas AG is suing Google for using the biometric data of millions of residents without their consent. The suit claims that the company collected users’ facial and voice recognition data since at least 2015 to serve its own commercial interests. Read More

Microsoft suffers data breach

Microsoft suffered a data breach that exposed sensitive information, including users’ contact info and emails. The company stated that the breach occurred due to an "unintentional misconfiguration on an endpoint that is not in use across the Microsoft ecosystem" and not due to a security vulnerability. Read More

Retailer fined for 2018 breach

E-commerce retailer Zoetop, the owner of Shein and Romwe, will pay a fine of $1.9 million to the state of New York in relation to a 2018 data breach that impacted more than 800,000 New Yorkers. The company failed to properly handle the data breach and also provided inaccurate details about the scope of the breach to consumers. Read More

TikTok rejects Forbes’ claims

TikTok has responded to the claims made by a Forbes report alleging that TikTok parent ByteDance wanted to use the video app to “monitor the personal location of some specific American citizens.” TikTok stated it “does not collect precise GPS location information from US users,” despite the article’s claims that ByteDance considered obtaining “location data from US users’ devices.” Read More

Clearview AI fined by CNIL

The Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés (CNIL) issued a fine of €20 million against Clearview AI for several violations of the GDPR. The penalty was imposed after the company failed to reply to the CNIL’s formal notice for redressing the alleged violations in November 2021. Read More


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