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Top News – TikTok banned statewide; ICE agents misuse database for personal interests and more

My Health My Data Act approved

In an attempt to implement effective privacy legislation and following the health data concerns brought to light during the Roe v. Wade case, the Washington State Senate voted to approve the My Health My Data Act which will take effect on 31st March 2024. The Act focuses on establishing consumer rights and consent requirements pertaining to health information and will have a broader scope than HIPAA. Read more

Montana bans TikTok state wide

TikTok had previously been banned on government issued devices in the state, but now looks at a statewide ban in Montana. Going into effect on the 1st of Jan, 2024, the bill will prohibit the operations of the social media platform within the state and will disallow the app’s availability on app stores. Further a fine of $10,000 will be issued to those violate the requirements of the bill. Read more

Police reprimanded for recording phone calls with people knowledge

Surrey Police and Sussex police have been issued a reprimand by United Kingdom’s Data Protection Authority, the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) for unlawfully collecting personal data of citizens via a mobile application that recorded and saved phone conversations. The application was installed onto the work-issued phones of the police and saved conversations with job related persons such as victims, witnesses and such. Read more

ICE agents unlawfully access data

Upon investigation, WIRED alleges that the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees exploited the their access to databases to obtain information including medical, biometric and location data for their personal interests. It is alleged that the agents also used the information to stalk, harass and disclose information to criminals. Read more

€300,000 fine imposed for unlawfully processing personal data

For violating consumer privacy rights by illegally processing personal information and utilising dark patterns, Italian Data Protection Authority, Garante imposed a €300,000 fine on a digital marketing. The company maintained a database of information collected through its online portals, which implemented dark patterns as well as information purchased from data brokers. Read more


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