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Top News – Total Cookie Protection launched, SEC imposes $3m fine and more

Spanish financial services company fined for violating the GDPR

Spanish Data Protection Authority, the AEPD imposed a fine of €100,000 on Ibercaja Banco, a financial services company for violating Article 6(1) of the GDPR. Following a complaint and an investigation, the AEPD found that the personal information of the claimant and their children had been processed by the company without their consent. The bank had used the personal information provided for one purpose, for other undisclosed purposes. Read more

Images of deceased used by facial recognition tool

An individual found that PimEyes, a facial recognition search engine provided the individual with pictures of her deceased relatives. The individual brought to light the fact that no consent could have been given for this nor can it be revoked. The images were reportedly scraped from a major ancestry website and her digital memorial. Read more

Firefox launches Total Cookie Protection

Total Cookie Protection will stop cookie tracking from website to website. This will be done by using what is called a ‘Cookie Jar’ for each website visited. These cookie jars will not be accessible to websites other than the website to which it belongs, protecting users’ privacy across different domains. This protection is available for all devices and can be accessed by opening a free Firefox account. Read more

$3 million fine imposed by SEC for improper disclosure

Blaukbaud, a data management software company faces a $3 million fine imposed by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission for providing customers with misleading information about a 2020 ransomware attack that impacted over 10,000 individuals. The company had stated that the bank account information and Social Security numbers were not compromised when they had in fact been exfiltrated. The company was privy to this information but did not disclose the same to their customers. The quarterly reports omitted information about the nature and intensity of the attack and described it as hypothetical. Read more

Lawmakers hacked data appears on hacker forum

In a breach on DC Health Link, a health care marketplace that caters to members of the Congress, sensitive information of 65,000 members of U.S Congress were compromised. The compromised information unfortunately is already available on a huge hacker breach website. Read more


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