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Top news: Twilio hack affects Signal users, Apple discovers flaw in latest update, and more

Google penalized by Australian court

Google will pay a fine of $60m as part of a legal battle with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. The tech giant was found to be in violation of consumer laws as it misled some local users into thinking it was not collecting personal data about their location for Android mobile devices. Read More

Apple discovers flaw in latest update

Apple reported that a vulnerability in its latest update could be exploited to take complete control of iPhones, iPads, or Mac computers. Following the discovery, the company released two security updates. Read More

Vietnam moves towards data localization

The Vietnamese government has ordered tech firms operating in the country to store the data of their Vietnamese customers on shore. The businesses are also required to create a physical presence in the country by October 2023. Read More

Twilio hack affects Signal users

The Twilio data breach has affected the users of messaging platform Signal as well. Signal alerted 1,900 users about potential exposure of their account details. The messaging platform stated that the hackers searched for three specific numbers during the Twilio breach. Read More

Privacy warning for reproductive health apps

A new report by Mozilla Foundation has highlighted potential privacy concerns loopholes in women’s reproductive health apps. It concluded that among 25 popular reproductive health apps, most have very vague privacy policies regarding the sharing of data with law enforcement. Read More


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