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Top news: UN’s new PETs project, Google replaces FloC, and more

EU proposes principles for safe digital space

The EU Commission has proposed a set of digital rights and principles to protect people's rights, privacy, democracy, and security in the online platform environment. The principles would act as a guideline for policymakers in the member states, public administrations, and companies when dealing with or developing new technologies. Read More

Enel Energia fined by Italian DPA

The Italian DPA imposed a fine of €26.5 million on Enel Energia for unlawful processing of users' personal data for telemarketing purposes. The company will also have to take a series of measures dictated to comply with national and European data protection legislation. Read More

UN’s new project to promote PETs

The United Nations Statistics Division has created a Privacy-Enhancing Technologies Lab to work toward addressing potential solutions for anonymizing datasets. The project brings national statistics offices, academic researchers, and companies together to test various PETs. Read More

Google replaces FloC with Topics

Google has announced the replacement of its FLoC proposal with a new method called Topic — a new Privacy Sandbox proposal for interest-based advertising. The new method would identify topics representing users’ top interests and certain topics based on the users’ browsing history and would be shared with participating sites and advertising partners. Read More

The UK forms International Data Transfer Expert Council

The UK government has formed the International Data Transfer Expert Council designed to "help Britain seize the opportunities of better global data sharing." The group includes experts from the world’s leading academics and digital industry figures to provide independent advice to the government in achieving its mission of unlocking the benefits of free and secure cross-border data flows after Brexit. Read More


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