Top News: Facebook’s smart glasses raise concerns, UK’s new AI Strategy, and more

Irish DPC questions Facebook’s smart glasses

The Irish DPC asked Facebook to demonstrate that the LED indicator light on its newly introduced smart glasses, called Facebook View, is an effective means of giving notice to the people being recorded. The regulator asserted that in the case of smartphones, the camera or the phone is visible, which puts those being captured on notice. Read More

UK unveils its National AI Strategy

The UK Office for Artificial Intelligence released details on the country’s National AI Strategy. The strategy aims to invest and plan for the long-term needs of the AI, support the transition to an AI-enabled economy, and ensure the UK gets the national and international governance of AI technologies right. Read More

Quebec welcomes new privacy legislation

The National Assembly of Québec adopted Bill 64, aimed at improving transparency, increasing the level of data confidentiality, and reinforcing consent requirements. The Commission on Access to Information will release details for companies and public bodies to comply with new obligations. Read More