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Happy Global Information Governance Day!

Global Information Governance Day is observed on the third Thursday in February, with the aim to raise awareness around information governance (IG). The day was first commemorated in 2012, thus marking its 10th anniversary this year.

So, what is IG?

With the increasing digitization, organizations have witnessed an explosion of data across all industries. Governing this information has been a challenging task for businesses.

While IG has become an omnipresent discipline in the modern corporate world, it can mean different things to different individuals based on the goals and priorities of their organization.

We reached out to several privacy professionals on what IG meant to them and received several interesting inputs. Some of the prominent themes of the survey are: Maximizing Value, Minimizing Risks, Policies, Security, and Data Minimization.

We observed that IG goes beyond just the right management of data. Organizations want to utilize their data to unlock new insights and maximize the value of it. While minimizing risks and security also stood out among the responses, practicing data minimization has also topped the list.

However, IG is an ever-evolving concept, and its needs keep changing with time and the changing business environment. As companies try to navigate and adjust to new consumer and regulatory demands, we may see new strategies and technologies being introduced into IG. But what lies at the crux of it is that data holds tremendous value, and its proper utilization can help derive maximum value for your business.

Thanks to our respondents for sharing their valuable opinions:


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