Simplify for Success - Conversation with Dheeraj Thimmaiah

We invited Dheeraj Thimmaiah on our #SimplifyForSuccess podcast series, hosted by Priya Keshav to discuss IG programs.

Dheeraj joined Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Global Ethics & Compliance team in 2019, where he serves as a Global Director with a focus in Compliance Analytics and Technology.

Dheeraj discussed the use of analytics and compliance, maintaining the data quality, and finding the right balance between people and automation. He shared the example of ABI’s Brew Right tool and how they measure its ROI and its effectiveness.

Listen to it here:


Priya Keshav:

Hello everyone, welcome to our podcast around simplifying for success. Simplification requires discipline and clarity of thought. This is not often easy in today's rapid-paced work environment. We've invited a few colleagues in the data and information governance space to share their strategies and approaches for simplification.

Today, we will be talking with Dheeraj Thimmaiah. Dheeraj joined Anheuser-Busch, InBev's, Global Ethics and Compliance team in 2019, where he serves as a Global Director with a focus on compliance, analytics, and technology. Before joining ABI, Dheeraj was a senior manager in EY’s forensic practice in New York, serving clients with a focus on designing, developing, operationalizing enterprise compliance products with a focus on fraud, corruption, and monitoring, controls, and policies. He's recognized as a leader in the application of data analytics to demystify compliance problems and streamline compliance products and processes enabled by technology.

Our topic for discussion today is the use of analytics and compliance. According to the 2016 Compliance Trends Survey that Deloitte carried out jointly with Compliance Week, fewer than 1/3 of the chief compliance officers were confident or extremely confident in their organization’s ability to fulfill their ethics and compliance responsibilities and reporting requirements. Asked if their organizations were leveraging technology to analyze big data across enterprises to identify emerging risks, 56% of them said no. Obviously, a lot has changed since 2016, and more and more organizations are embracing data analytics. Data analytics holds the key to simplifying and improving the efficiency of an organization’s compliance process. Through data and continuous monitoring, you can identify new and emerging risks and ensure that you have adequate controls around some of these risks.

Dheeraj, you're one of the leaders in this space, and you're doing some amazing work around analytics at Anheuser-Busch InBev. So very excited to have you with us today. Welcome to the podcast.

Dheeraj Thimmaiah:

Thank you, Priya for this great introduction and the opening statement. Delighted to be here.

Priya Keshav:

In ABI, how is the approach shifted from reactive to proactive in compliance leveraging Brew Right product? Can you tell us about your experience in making that shift?

Dheeraj Thimmaiah:

Sure, so I think, you know, it's important to kind of rewind a little in our story and kind of touch upon a little about the mindset. And, I think, in your opening statement you kind of made a statement on simplification and shared some stats on it. And, for us, it was very much ab