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TOP NEWS | FTC Bans Rite Aid from Using Biometric AI; US Investigates Chinese Telecoms Over Data Security Concerns; and more

TikTok allegedly still sharing data with China; Uber receives €10 million fine and more

FTC Bans Rite Aid from Using Biometric AI

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has banned Rite Aid from using facial-recognition technology for five years due to a biased system falsely accusing women and people of color of shoplifting. The FTC also ordered Rite Aid to delete all collected biometric data. The FTC's action underscores the importance of responsible AI governance and compliance with data protection regulations. Companies are advised to adopt strong privacy policies and ethical AI practices to avoid similar penalties. The FTC emphasizes that existing rules still apply in the AI era. Read more

Latest Draft of American Privacy Rights Act Alters Key Provisions

The U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce is expected to introduce the latest draft of the American Privacy Rights Act (APRA) on June 27, with significant changes from previous versions. Notable alterations include the removal of civil rights protections and algorithmic accountability provisions, alongside amendments to private right of action and preemption terms. Stakeholders have expressed various concerns and support, with advertising groups opposing the impact on their industry and civil rights organizations criticizing the removal of protections against data-driven discrimination. Meanwhile, some groups like the Heritage Foundation praise the draft for reducing consumer abuse incentives. Read more

US Investigates Chinese Telecoms Over Data Security Concerns

The Biden administration is investigating China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom over concerns they could provide American data to Beijing. These companies have a limited presence in the US, offering cloud services and routing internet traffic, despite being barred from telephone and retail internet services. The Justice and Commerce Departments declined to comment, while the Chinese Embassy called the concerns false. Regulators may block the firms' transactions, potentially crippling their US operations. The investigation is part of ongoing efforts to prevent Chinese firms from accessing US data for potential exploitation. Read more

Arkansas AG Sues Temu Over Data Theft and Deceptive Practices

Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin is suing Chinese e-commerce platform Temu for allegedly stealing user data through its app, violating Arkansas' Deceptive Trade Practices Act and Personal Information Protection Act. Griffin claims Temu's app bypasses phone privacy settings to access sensitive data, which is then monetized. Launched in the US in 2022, Temu quickly became the most-downloaded app, though it faced scrutiny for misrepresenting its data collection practices. The lawsuit seeks to stop Temu’s practices and obtain monetary relief for Arkansas. Read more

Citigroup Risk Data Head Peter Cai Departs Amid Ongoing Reorganization

Citigroup's head of risk data, analytics, reporting, and technology, Peter Cai, has left the bank as part of the ongoing reorganization initiated by CEO Jane Fraser. Cai's departure follows recent regulatory concerns about Citi's risk management and data governance. Since the reorganization's start in September, thousands of employees, including many senior executives, have exited. Regulators recently identified deficiencies in Citi's living will, emphasizing issues in data accuracy and internal controls. Despite these challenges, Citigroup's stock has risen 19.7% this year, outperforming its peers. Read more


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