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Top News: Breach exposes data of WordPress users, Online Privacy Act reintroduced by lawmakers

GoDaddy breach exposes WordPress user data

A security issue exposed the information of GoDaddy’s 1.2 million Managed WordPress customers, including email addresses and customer numbers. The breach was discovered on Nov. 17, 2021, and was carried out using a compromised password to access the provisioning system in the company’s legacy code base for Managed WordPress. Read More

UK data watchdog sends warning for adtech

The UK’s (outgoing) Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), Elizabeth Denham, has published privacy standards that the adtech industry must meet to safeguard users’ privacy online. Companies have been asked to comply with the data protection law and stop the excessive collection and use of people’s data. Read More

Online Privacy Act reintroduced by lawmakers

Lawmakers have reintroduced the Online Privacy Act in the senate. First raised in 2019, the legislation would lead to the creation of a Digital Privacy Agency with the enforcement power to penalize companies for privacy rights violations. The bill would also create user data rights and put limitations and obligations on companies collecting and using user data. Read More

Cyberattack on California Pizza Kitchen compromises employee data

US-based restaurant chain California Pizza Kitchen was part of a September cyberattack that exposed the personal data of 103,767 of its current and former employees. The company’s draft letter to its employees states that it has informed law enforcement of the breach and has both reviewed and reinforced the security of its “computing environment.” Read More

Indian bank data breach exposes data of 180 million users

India’s state-owned PNB Bank was hit by a major data breach that exposed the personal and financial information of about 180 million customers for nearly seven months. The breach was caused due to a vulnerability in the bank's server that provided access to the complete digital banking system of PNB along with administrative control. Read More


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