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Top News: Twitch source code leaked; China’s new guidelines on AI ethics, and more

Twitch source code leaked in massive hack

Live streaming service, Twitch, suffered a hack that led to the leak of a 125GB file, including the source code for the company’s streaming service, creator payout figures, and internal security tools. The company confirmed the breach and said it is “working with urgency to understand the extent of this.” Read More

Uber faces indirect race discrimination claim in UK

Uber has been accused of indirect race discrimination by a former driver who lost his job when the company’s automated face-scanning software failed to recognize him. The driver has filed an employment tribunal claim which has been backed by the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB). Read More

French privacy watchdog issues injunctions over fingerprint database

The French data protection authority (CNIL) has issued a series of injunctions against the Ministry of the Interior for failure to adequately maintain its Automated Fingerprint File (FAED). It found issues of improper storage of data, poor file management, and a lack of information provided to individuals whose data is maintained in the system. Read More

China publishes guidelines on AI ethics

The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology released the first set of ethical guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence. The guidelines are part of the country’s target to become a global AI leader by 2030, with six principles listed out to ensure "controllable and trustworthy" AI systems. Read More

White House to host meeting on cybercrime and ransomware

The White House will host officials from 30 countries for a meeting on cybercrime and ransomware this month. A White House official stated they are looking forward to addressing "the misuse of virtual currency to launder ransom payments" and intend to "investigate and prosecute ransomware criminals". Read More

Syniverse discloses five-year-long security breach

Telecom company, Syniverse, disclosed that hackers had access to its systems over a five-year-long breach that was discovered in May 2021. The security breach dated back to May 2016 and allowed hackers to gain unauthorized access to databases within its network on several occasions. The company’s Securities and Exchange Commission read that the login information allowing access to or from its Electronic Data Transfer (EDT) environment was compromised for approximately 235 of its customers. Read More


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