Top News: NY’s Tenant Data Privacy Act, Ransomware Attack on Irish Health Service, and more

NY City Council Passes Tenant Data Privacy Act

The New York City Council passed the Tenant Data Privacy Act (TDPA) on April 29, 2021, aimed to regulate the collection, safeguarding, use, and retention of tenant data by owners of smart access buildings. The bill mandates building owners to provide tenants with a data retention and privacy policy. Read more about the legislation here.

Irish health service hit by ‘most significant ransomware attack’

Just a week after the Colonial Pipeline incident, Ireland’s health service fell victim to a “significant” ransomware attack. The attack forced the service operator to shut down all its IT systems, impacting diagnostic services and COVID-19 testing while forcing hospitals to cancel many appointments. Read more about the attack here.

Senators roll out bipartisan data privacy bill