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RIM Month with Meru Data: Celebrating Women in the Information Profession

In honor of this year’s Records and Information Management (RIM) month, Meru Data celebrated women in IG by showcasing a few renowned Information Governance (IG) professionals and sharing their professional journeys.

We highlighted Michelle Kirk, Lauren Doerris, Magdalena Gis, and Tera Ladner, who all come with a unique range of expertise and opinions in the field of governance.

Meru Data hopes their stories will inspire IG professionals across the globe and help in recognizing the importance of RIM across organizations.

RIM April Month 2021 - Merudata

Below are a few excerpts from the conversations:

In Magdalena’s words: “The influence of the agile methodology on data governance is gaining prominence as more businesses adopt practices that advocate for flexible, fast, and incremental steps in delivering business outcomes. Meru Data sums it up brilliantly in its ‘Simplify for Success’ podcast, which I appreciate and recommend for a practical approach to information governance.”

In Tera’s words: “Information is the heart and soul of an organization. As you grow up in the records space and start getting into information governance, you begin to understand that all information is not created equal. You need to balance the value of using the information, vs the cost and risk of having that information.”

In Lauren’s words: “You can’t protect something if you don’t know that it exists. If you don’t know where all of your data lives, your IT security or privacy program isn’t going to be as effective as it could be. Likewise, you can't maximize the value of your data if you can’t find it (or if you have to spend too much time looking for it).”


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