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Top News: Coop criticized by Danish DPA, Robinhood suffers a data breach and more

Danish DPA criticizes Coop’s data processing

Retailer Coop Danmark was criticized by the Danish Data Protection Agency for not complying with the necessary security measures under the Data Protection Regulation (Art.32). The agency decided on a case of a personal data breach where Coop reported that personal data on the company's shared drive was stored without adequate access management. Read More

Facebook to remove sensitive ad-targeting options

Facebook is planning on removing detailed ad-targeting options referring to "sensitive" topics, such as race, health, religious practices, political beliefs, or sexual orientation. The change would be effective from Jan. 19, 2022, and the company said it would give users more control over ad content from early next year. Read More

Robinhood breach exposes data of 7m users

Trading app Robinhood suffered a breach that exposed the personal information of about 7 million users. The company said the attack was carried on over a phone call where the hacker duped a customer service representative. It stated that no customers have experienced “financial loss” from the incident, and the breach has been contained. Read More

Google loses EU’s antitrust case

The EU’s General Court has maintained the European Commission’s 2017 ruling that Google broke antitrust law by using its search engine to favor its own shopping comparison service. The company was fined €2.4 billion ($2.8 billion) for breaching the antitrust rules. The company can now appeal the decision with the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the EU’s highest court. Read More

Lawmakers propose Filter Bubble Transparency Act

A group of US House lawmakers has introduced the Filter Bubble Transparency Act that would require internet platforms to offer an algorithm-free version of their services. US Rep. Ken Buck said, “Consumers should have the option to engage with internet platforms without being manipulated by secret algorithms driven by user-specific data.” Read More

Twitter stops cropping image previews on the web

After receiving criticism for its biased image cropping algorithm, Twitter has rolled out its full-size image previews for the web. After doing so for mobile devices earlier this year, images will now display in full without any cropping on the web as well. Read More


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