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Top News – TikTok banned by European Commission, Ransomware case sees 5 class action lawsuits

Mental health tools to be provided for individuals facing privacy crises The Spanish DPA, AEPD and the General Council of Psychology will be collaborating to raise aware, conduct training and promote materials, tools and resources for matters relating to privacy and data protection. This will aimed at individuals who have suffered a breach of privacy or data loss. Through the channel provided, individuals will be able to exercise privacy rights by denouncing or requesting that sensitive data published without consent be removed. Read more

European Commission bans TikTok on corporate devices With the intention of protecting the Commission’s data and strengthening cyber security, the EC has requested that all Commission employees ban the social media app from their corporate and personal devices no later than 15th March. This decision followed TikTok’s admission in November 2022 that the personal data of users worldwide could be accessed in the headquarters in China. Read more

Ransomware breach attracts 5 lawsuits A ransomware that affected the data of over 3.3 million individuals attracted at least 5 class action lawsuits against Regal Medical Group for their failure to protect their consumers sensitive data which included health and financial data. Read more

Italian DPA imposes €4.9 million fine Italian Data Protection Authority, Garante issued a €4.9 million fine against Edison Energia for multiple violations of the GDPR; the obligation to provide transparent information, the principles of privacy by design, obtaining informed, specific consent and providing a simple and direct means for users to exercise their rights. The DPA ordered the company to remedy the failures in addition to the fine. Read more

Fitness service provider fined NOK 10 million for bad DSAR practices Norwegian DPA, Datatilsynet issued a NOK 10 million fine on SATS for failing to act times on subject access requests, for failing to erase certain personal data promptly, for its retention polices and for its data processing practices. Read more


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