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Top News – U.S lawmakers health data potentially exposed, ICO GDPR certification released and more.

US lawmakers’ data potentially exposed in data breach

DC Health Link, a healthcare administrator for the U.S House of Representatives recently suffered a serious data breach. The breach, according to the House’s Chief Administrative Officer, Catherine Szpindor, could have exposed the data of thousands. Further, it was confirmed that the data of some customers has been posted on a public forum. Read more

GDPR certification scheme released by the ICO.

The UK GDPR certification scheme criteria was released to provide service providers with training and qualification on matters of data privacy so that they can offer customers assurance on their strong privacy standards. The fourth set of UK GDPR certification scheme criteria has been approved by the ICO, wherein the data of candidates applying for the training programmes will be processed according to the privacy laws. Read more

Privacy protecting digital advertising startup launched by former Facebook execs

Graham Mudd and Brad Smallwood, two former executives at Meta Platforms Inc. recently launched Anonym. It’s first product is a data attribution tool that provides insights into consumers purchases and without compromising their privacy. The purpose of the product is to help advertisers gauge the effectiveness of their ad campaigns. Read more

Platform to report whistleblowing anonymously launched by Italy.

The Italian Competition Authority (AGCM) recently launched a platform on its website wherein individuals will be able to communicate with the AGCM about violations made my companies while remaining anonymous. Read more

Facial Recognition and Biometric Technology Moratorium Act reintroduced by US lawmakers.

With the aim of banning the federal government from using facial recognition technologies and other biometric technologies, a group of U.S lawmakers reintroduced the Facial Recognition and Biometric Technology Moratorium Act in both houses on Congress on the 7th of March as they pose privacy issues and harm marginalized communities. Read more


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