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Top News: Zoom settles for $85m, Apple charged by EU antitrust regulators, and more

Zoom to pay $85m in settlement

Zoom settles for an $85 million payout as part of a class-action settlement for violating the users’ privacy rights by sharing their personal data with third parties and allowing hackers to “Zoombomb” the meetings. The company has agreed to pay the $85m to users in cash compensation and implement measures to protect users’ privacy and data and improve security. Read More

Kansas hospital discloses data breach

Kansas-based Newman Regional Health (NRH) discovered a nearly year-long breach that affected more than 52,000 individuals. The breach compromised the hospital’s email accounts, exposing personal data, including names, email addresses, medical record numbers, treatment information, employee information, etc. Read More

SafeGraph selling data of people visiting abortion clinics

Data company SafeGraph is selling location data of individuals related to visits to Planned Parenthood facilities and clinics providing abortion services. The data sets are used to calculate the visitor’s address by their U.S. Census block. Read More

Apple charged by EU antitrust regulators

Apple has been charged by EU antitrust regulators for restricting its rivals' access to its technology for making contactless payments. The commission has sent a charge sheet to the company detailing how the company had abused its dominant position in markets for mobile wallets on iOS devices. Read More

Study claims mental health and prayer apps have worst privacy protections

A Mozilla Foundation study has claimed that several mental health and prayer 'track and share' users’ intimate thoughts and feelings. The study was based on the privacy and security practices of 32 mental health and prayer apps on iOS and Android, of which Better Help, Youper, Woebot, Better Stop Suicide,, and Talkspace were found to have the worst privacy protections. Read More


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