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Mental Health information sold to third parties, U.S Marshals Service suffered ransomware attack

Guide to Privacy by Design and Default published by Catalan DPA The Catalan DPA, APDCAT recently published a guide on Privacy by Design and Default catering developers. More specifically, the guide acts as a resource for developers hoping to comply with the obligations of Privacy by Design and Default under the GDPR. The guide covers different areas such as the purposes of processing, cost, risks etc. The guide can be found here.

Denmark DPA launches cybercrime hotline A new hotline has been launched by the Danish DPA, Datatilsynet, with the intention of providing guidance and advice to citizens on matters of cybersecurity, particularly to help citizens protect themselves against such crimes. The hotline aims to provide access to information that range from spotting fake emails to reacting to a cyber-attack. Read more

Government Database of New Zealand breached over 100 times The Integrated Data Infrastructure, a growing database made from numerous New Zealand government agencies has faced more than 100 breaches since 2015. Although it was reported that the privacy of individual citizens was not affected, the database that suffered the breaches contains administrative and census data. Read more

TikTok fined by Turkish DPA The KVKK, or the Turkish DPA fined the social media platform 1.75 million lira, or $93,000 for failing to protect users from unlawful processing of data. Further, the Data Protection Authority stated that TikTok should translate its ‘Terms of Service’ to Turkish and should update their privacy and cookie policy to adhere to the country’s regulations. Read more

Mental health information of consumers revealed The Federal Trade Commission has imposed a fine of $7.8 million on counselling service company, BetterHelp for sharing consumers sensitive information; mental health information with third parties such as Facebook and Snapchat for targeted advertising purposes. The company has further been banned from sharing such information. Read more

Sensitive Data compromised in ransomware attack on U.S Marshals Service In a recent ransomware attack on the U.S Marshals Service, sensitive information that included administrative information and personally identifiable information related to subjects of USMS investigations were compromised. Read more


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