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Top News – New Jersey's privacy bill signed into law, Yahoo fined for cookie consent violations, and more

Top News – New Jersey's privacy bill signed into law, Yahoo fined for cookie consent violations, and more

New Jersey's Governor signed the Senate Bill 332

The comprehensive privacy bill from New Jersey was signed by the state governor, Phil Murphy, on 16th January, making it a law. The law would be effective one year after its signing date. No indication or a mandate related to the commencement of the attorney general's rulemaking before the law becomes effective was mentioned. Under this legislation, applicable entities are required to notify users of the collection and processing of their personal data, providing them an option to opt out of it. Read more

10M euros fine imposed on Yahoo for cookie consent violations

French data protection authority CNIL imposed a 10M euro fine on Yahoo over an alleged violation of the ePrivacy Directive. The CNIL identified the visitors to the web service provider's main website had cookies placed on their computers without consent. The visitors also had difficulty withdrawing from their participation in cookie collection. Read more 

FTC's order to ban InMarket from selling precise location data

InMarket Media, a data aggregator, will be banned from licensing or selling any precise location information as a part of its settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. The company was charged by the FTC for not completely informing customers and obtaining their consent before using their location data for marketing and advertising purposes. As per FTC's order, the company is also prohibited from licensing, transferring, selling, or targeting products and services that target people based on location data. Read more

Netherlands DPA fines ICS for missing impact assessments

The Dutch Data Protection Authority imposed a 150,000 euro fine on credit card company International Card Services (ICS) for missing data protection impact assessment (DPIA) before processing its customers' personal data. Allegedly, the company processed the personal data of 1.5 million customers without doing the DPIA and violated the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). ICS used the photos taken by customers to compare the customers' identities. Read more

Federal Trade Commission to participate in a multilateral arrangement

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission will participate in an international multilateral arrangement, the Global Cooperation Arrangement for Privacy Enforcement (Global CAPE). This arrangement will enable FTC to cooperate with other members of the program on law enforcement issues based on data privacy and security without having separate memorandums of understanding with each of them. Read more


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