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Top News: Volkswagen fined for GDPR violation, Dutch schools restrict Chrome usage, and more

Dutch schools restrict the use of Chrome

Schools across the Netherlands are restricting the use of Chrome OS and the Chrome web browser amid data privacy concerns. Dutch schools will have to adopt these extra measures until Google releases updated versions of the services that will be more compliant with the GDPR. Read More

Wawa to pay $8m for breach settlement

Convenience store chain Wawa has agreed to an $8m settlement for failing to employ reasonable security measures following a December 2019 data breach incident. The breach had compromised approximately 34 million payment cards used across all Wawa stores. Read More

Volkswagen fined by German State Commissioner for Data Protection

Volkswagen has been slapped with a fine of €€ 1.1 million by the State Commissioner for Data Protection (LfD) of a German state. The penalty was issued for the violation of the EU’s GDPR in connection with the use of cameras by the company’s test vehicle for a driver assistance system to prevent traffic accidents. Read More

Google’s cookie phaseout pushed to 2024

Google has now pushed the full phase-out of third-party cookies to the second half of 2024. The company stated it needed more time to “evaluate and test the new Privacy Sandbox technologies before deprecating third-party cookies in Chrome.” Read More

US, UK to enforce Data Access Agreement

The US and UK will commence the concerning criminal data sharing effective 3 October 2022. The deal will allow the investigators of the countries to gain better access to crucial data to combat serious crime in a manner that will be consistent with their “shared values and mission of protecting the citizens and safeguarding national security.” Read More


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